Cummins Turbo Diesel Intercooler install on an '89 Shadow ES

I've been promising for quite a while to produce the pictures of this intercooler install on my brother's '89 ES. Actually, it wasn't too hard and we even were able to keep the A/C compressor. It is a tight fit however and I'll explain the pictures as we go along...

 First begin by removing the nose and bumper, get out a jigsaw with bimetal blades and cut two holes in the radiator bracing in the area indicated. If you also notice in the next two shots we made some brackets that bolt to the bumper shocks to hold the intercooler and should allow the intercooler to pivot back in case of a "love tap" on the front. We also had to sawzall the curved inside part of the bumper bracket to fit the 'cooler (Highlighted in Red) . I need to get the part number off of the 'cooler to be sure which year it is (I believe it came from a '93 Ram. When I have the PN I'll post it), and you'll also have to relocate or lose the road lamps to fit this one in.

You can see in this shot how we mounted the 'cooler to the bumper shocks. Also, if you'll notice the intercooler is installed upside down and we shaved the stock mounting points off. This is due to the fact that the 'cooler we used has the inlets and outlets not quite centered in the end tanks. In order to get it to clear the grille it has to get mounted upside down. (Brackets are highlighted in Red, old mounting points we shaved off are in Yellow).

You can see in this shot that the 'cooler is mounted away from the radiator bracing to allow for airflow. Don't mount it flush or the air can't get through!!!

This shot shows the airbox setup. We used a TII airbox (UPDATE: Added the higher flow '88 TII airbox lid and round hose to the computer for more flow), '87 CSX lower hose, stock T1 airbox to turbo inlet hose, some 3" aluminized exhaust pipe and a couple of hoses from a semi supply house (Gates hose parts numbers, I'll post them later). Also had to remove the underhood insulation and light for upper intercooler hose clearance. Decided not to go the open element route yet, BOV gets put in when the turbo gets upgraded. Relocated the heater control valve to make way for the lower IC hose (ziptie out of the way).

Here's the pic where we start to button up the nose, the grille rests on top of the 'cooler. Still gets *PLENTY* of air thru the large inlets under the bumper, and as you can see, the bumper curves away from the finned area only getting close near the end tanks...

Where'd it go??? It fits in perfectly, and is not visible when looking at it from the front down low. The difference in how the car runs now versus before intercooling is like night and day. UPDATE: The Shadow now sports a Super 60 w/ a .63 exhaust scroll and ported exhaust manifold. More info to come SOON.

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